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Honors Community Service

Honors students are expected to participate in service in their community to expand and enhance the possibilities, opportunities, and hope of those in need of assistance. Civic duty as well as the Honor Code of the Honors Program express a need to give back to local organizations and individuals, but also to do the same for the international community. Honors students, in this way, hold up their agreement to excellence of character, action, and purpose. Below are listed some of the events Honors has participated in to create a better environment at home and abroad in this, our global and local community.

Domestic Community Service:

Honors Garden

The Honors Garden was started in 2009 as an initiative to beautify the space between St. Mary Boulevard and Judice-Rickels Hall. Every semester, students work with the on campus gardening team to plan and plant multiple flowers in the garden. With the new benches overlooking the garden, the students have done a great job of creating a communal and comfortable garden space for all who come to enjoy this building. Here students are planting new additions in the Spring semester of 2016.


Service and Work in Community

- Spring 2016 - Multiple Bake Sales for Book Aid International raising $410

- Fall 2015 - Participation in Heartwalk, raising over $900 in funds.

- Spring 2015  - Honors students attended multiple schools in the Lafayette area to read to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade students.  

- Honors students collected lightly-used children's books to present to Healing House of Acadiana, a non-profit organization that provides a space for grieving children. These books are used to replenish older books in the play room at Healing House.


International Service:

- Spring 2015 -

Honors Somalian Relief Effort:
As a part of additional help to bring relief to those suffering during the current Somali conflict, students gathered for Bake Sales and multiple give back nights at Raising Cane's, Chili's, and Buffalo Wild Wings, wherein these businesses agreed to match a percentage of money spent to donate to the cause. The ARAHA (American Relief Agency for the Horn of Africa) sent a report detailing their moneys totaled, expressing that altogether with bake sales and business donations, a total of $1,512.00 was raised by Honors' student effort. Fatuma Osman sent a thank you letter to express her gratitude for the contributions and hard work, as seen below. Congratulations Honors students on your contribution and charitable interest in helping Somali children live better lives.


- Spring 2014 -

Honors Orphan Outreach:
For the first time in the history of  the UL Lafayette Honors Program,  the Community Outreach Program expanded Internationally. Zadid K. Haq (at the time, Community Outreach Chair)  founded the UL Honors Orphan Outreach Program.  Zadid coordinated with Naaser Sawaf, (former UL Lafayette student and humanitarian worker) who took those proceeds and  helped to purchase over 8 tons of food that benefited over 1600 orphans and refugees.  Imam Eid and the Islamic Center of Lafayette donated $7000 to UL Honors Orphan Outreach and pledged their full support in our current and future endeavors. We raised an additional $400.00 from the sale of candy bars and individual donations. St. Barnabas Episcopal Church donated $1000 to our Syrian Orphans cause directly through on our behalf. The Honors Bake Sale and other individual donations brought in an additional $557.81 which brought our final total to $8857.81.



UL Lafayette Honors Program 3rd Floor Fundraiser


Go Here to See Pictures from the 2016 Honors Soiree d'Excellence

In 2014 the Honors Program presented a night of enchantment and pride, the Honors Soiree' d'Excellence. The Honors Program was able to raise nearly $5,000 with the help and proceeds of many students, professors, and community leaders for the expansion of the 3rd Floor of Judice-Rickels Hall. In 2016, the Honors Program supplied another opportunity for individuals, family members, alumni, and friends of the program to gather and dine in honor of the program and in order to raise funds for the 3rd floor expansion. Provided is a brief video created by Honors Students explaining our continued need.

If you would like to help us continue to increase the expansion of our 3rd floor, please do not hesitate to donate.

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