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LaCOEUR (Louisiana Council On Excellence in Undergraduate Research) is the governing body for undergraduate research. LaCOEUR, which in French translates to "heart," is a joint project between multiple faculty, students, and staff to provide undergraduates with opportunities to grow and professionally expand their matriculation at the Univeristy of Louisiana at Lafayette.

For years, undergraduate students have looked towards the university for educational options that enhance their education and prepare their portfolios for future endeavors. Faculty of the university are working diligently to provide these opportunities to undergraduate students through undergraduate research grants, online publication, undergraduate conferences, and by recognizing potential for deeper student learning. In addition to furthering research at the university, students become more adept at:

  • critical thinking

  • the experimental method

  • peer-to-peer collaboration

  • student-to-faculty collaboration

These skills in turn create a strong community of active and bright students that can further the goals of the university as it works to become a premiere research environment and resource for the state, the faculty, and most importantly the students.