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Template and Style Guides

Students are not required to publish, but if they wish to they are provided an option during registration to select if they would like to publish their work in the online Proceedings of the Undergraduate Research Conference. This page provides students and faculty with expected specifications, style guides, and additional information for turning in work for the Undergraduate Research Conference.

It is important that students and faculty read these instructions carefully as publication is dependent upon an applicant following all guidelines in order to be published on our online journal of the proceedings.

  • Papers only need an abstract, which must be typed into the abstract section on the registration page for students and faculty. Papers are submitted at the bottom of the registration page via a file upload.
  • Posters and Presentations need an extended abstract; the extended abstract will be included in the E-publication. Extended abstracts are submitted at the bottom of the registration page via a file upload.
  • Guidelines for both types of abstract are provided below.


Links To Guidelines


Faculty may submit a research paper to our E-Journal for presentation at the Conference that details application of a pedagogical style on undergraduate research. The paper should address the impacts on both students as well as the department or college, and may include any research subject as the focus. Paper must follow a format as presented here in the template below.

Undergraduate Research Paper Style Guide for Papers (APA)



Extended Abstract Guidelines (FOR: Presentations and/or Posters)

Poster Examples and Guidelines