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Honors Cording Ceremony

Celebrating Excellence

When students have completed the requirements of the Honors Program, the Provost of the university awards the students their Cords, which are the ropes with tassels worn during graduation ceremonies. At Cording Ceremony, parents are able to take pictures of their student, and the student is able to showcase a senior research poster. The research poster is a project that the student did at some point during their courses at UL Lafayette, and the Honors program prints and displays the poster at the ceremony. The student is then able to take this poster with them for use during job interviews, graduate school interviews, and as a personal reminder of their hard work and dedication to academic excellence. A reception is held after the ceremony with wonderful food and a sociable atmosphere of accomplishment and pride. Additionally, students fill out an exit survey which the Honors Program uses to improve and shape the program via feedback directly from the students.


Honors believes in our students, and works hard to promote their hard work, love of learning, and sense of social commitment. When students leave from the program, Honors wants to recognize them and remind them: Congratulations, you worked, experienced, and learned; you persevered challenges, connected with others, and acted as a leader. Congratulations!

You are Honors Alumni.