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Judice-Rickels Hall

Located on St. Mary Boulevard accross from Dupre Library, Judice-Rickels Hall was dedicated to the Honors Program in 2001. Its beautiful gardens were designed and planted by the Honors' students in conjunction with the University grounds keepers. Judice-Rickels Hall was named for the Judice Family who donated the land to the University and Rickels for the couple who guided the Honors Program for so many years—Drs. Milton and Pat Rickels.


Honors students consider Judice-Rickels their home away from home. They have a "Quiet" lounge where they can study or read a good book. If they wish to relax and enjoy the company of friends they can use the "Noisy" Lounge to chat or play games.

Attached to the noisy lounge is a full kitchen where students can eat their breakfast or lunch. It has a full refrigerator, two microwaves, a toaster oven, and is stocked with coffee and snacks.


Upstairs they can use the Honors Computer lab with iMacs and Windows computers, as well as enjoy the use of a free copy machine. Also available on the second floor is a full staff to answer questions and advise students on Honors Courses.

Location & Hours

401 E. St. Mary Boulevard
Lafayette, LA 70503

7:30 AM - 5:00 PM Monday thru Thursday
7:30 AM - 12:30 PM Friday