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Honors Contract

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(Updated 4/30/18)

What can I do for an Honors Contract?
  • Make Something
  • Solve a Problem
  • Prepare for Something
  • Explore Something
  • Enhance an Experience
What does this look like?
  • Ask a question and research to find an answer
  • Expand on topics and projects from classes to take them further
  • Journal or present about a trip/experience you have had
  • Build/Fix/Create something you may not otherwise have taken the time to do
  • Prepare for your future career through interviews/research/first hand experience and report on it
Examples of Previous Contracts

Building Something

   ITEC - William Wartelle and Garett Robichaux


Research and Present Something

Nursing 104 - Kyara Bryant

Create/Paint Something

Vis Arts:Advanced Painting - Heidi Dugas