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Contract Examples By Course

Listed below are contract examples listed alphabetically by course-type offered at UL Lafayette. These are meant to be catalysts to help students and professors create similar and new contract options.*
*This is not an exhaustive list. Students are able to take contracts to courses not listed here and to create new ideas with their professors each semester. Those with an asterisk (*) are examples of mutually beneficial contracts for professor and student.

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  • *Professional Ethics for Accountants (316) - Create a video detailing ethical considerations in the real world using explanations and examples from the coursework to compare to own work struggles at a current accounting job - or interview accountant(s) and have them detail some of their ethical concerns that they have experienced and play video for class.

  • Accounting Information Systems (333) - Write a paper on a fictitious company used in class as an example and critique the processes that occurred with this fictional company throughout the semester. Compare duties, management, implementation, and other factors in internal controls.

  • Advanced Tax Accounting (421) - Write a 4-page essay discussing the impact of a prescient tax related law (ie, the Tax Cuts and Job Acts of 2017) and its impact to taxpayers. Elaborate what major changes are and how these changes affect low income/mid-class/high income taxpayers.

American Sign Language


  • American Sign Language I (101) - Social report created by attending a place where deaf persons (adults) are and interact with them at some point in the semester. Write a report about the experience.

  • American Sign Language II (102) - Student submits an additional expressive and receptive language assessment via a video meeting or recorded in-person meeting. Write an essay on Deaf oppression and Deaf culture.



  • Cultural Anthropology (201) - Write an essay about the female perspective in Cajun culture including key women performers. Interview 1 performer or find an interview and compile a list of their songs. Include in the essay a personal reflection on the experience had during this research.

  • Intro to Biological Anthropology (202) - Write a 5-10 page essay on genetic testing of different kinds and critique the accuracy/precision of these tests.

  • Archaeology (303) - Write an additional paper in the course on the use of chemistry as a means of studying material evidence in the field of archaeology and address a specific analysis method.

  • Anthropology of Food (320) - Write a more in depth paper about the culture surrounding food in a particular part of the world.

Applied Music (AMUS)
  • Note: Too few course credit hours to contract.



  • Elementary Arabic II (102) - Complete an additional assignment for the homework each week and create a project (video, presentation, etc.) including subjects covered in the course (ie basic conversation, words, family information, colors/clothes, traveling information) with pictures. Narration should be spoken in Arabic.


  • *Architectural Design I (201) - Analyze, design, and fabricate a part of a building on campus to better the environment as an individual or a group.

  • Architectural Design III (301) - Write an essay that analyzes an influence that lead to suburbanization and impact its impact from late the 19th century to the present day. Discuss how its impact is felt today and propose how to overcome negative influences to design more equitable urban designs.

  • Professional Practice & Contract Documents (464) - Create an extra drawing for the architectural project.

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  • Fundamentals of Biology (BIOL 110) - Read an acclaimed book of science non-fiction that is related to the content in the course. Attend a book club to discuss the book with others.

  • Genetics and Evolution (233) - Analyze different primary literature sources for additional information regarding genetic aspects of certain diseases/traits, specifically those involving colorectal diseases. Use 3-5 different primary articles to review and critique the state of this field.

  • OR Genetics and Evolution (233) - Read an academic journal artcile featuring an aspect of genetics and wrie a 2 page summary with a summary of the content of the article and a critical analysis discussing strengths and weaknesses of the article.

  • *Animal Nutrition (316) - The student writes a formal research paper about Equine Nutrition - Colic and present a PowerPoint presentation during a lecture.

  • *Herpetology (413) - Assist a graduate student and/or a professor in their lab research during the entirety of the semester.

  • *Neurobiology (423) - With the approval of the professor of a topic, choose a neurobiology-related subject on which to make a 20-minute PowerPoint presentation (ie, relation of psychosis to cannibis).

  • Climate Change Biology (471) - Write a paper on climate change related to polar bears and their associated ecosystems. In addition, write a shorter paper on the effects of human disease on climate change.

  • *Comp Envi & Meta Physiology (482) - Give a lecture to the class on a topic approved by the professor with a PowerPoint and notes (ie Water and Salt Physiology).

Business Law

  • Employment Law (330) - Create a PowerPoint presentation about laws in each of the 50 states that are ridiculous and/or silly in 25-40 slides. Per state, include 1 general law that meets this criteria and one employment law that meets this critreria.

  • Environmental Law (435) - Write a 15-20 page paper on various agencies, acts, and organizations listed in class. Explain: what they are, what they do, and how they affect environmental law. Use the textbook, internet articles, and class lecture information.

Business Syst. & Analysis Tech.

  • Operations Management (382) - Write an essay to analyze a worldwide manufacturing company which has implemented operational management strategies to stay ahead of the industry from various aspects and try to emphasize the way how business can create the highest level of efficiency in order to maximize the profit of an organization.

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Chemical Engineering

  • Materials of Engineering (317) - Write a research paper on polymers in bio-ink with an in-depth analysis on how polymers' bonding and structure create the ability for them to be used in real-world applications and express some of these applications.

  • *OR Materials of Engineering (317) - Oral presentation on a specific material done individually as opposed to a group project; individual does all the research, organization, and presentation work.


  • Organic Chem I (231) - Write a 3-5 page essay analyzying an organic compound studied in the course and how this compound is applied in real life.

  • Organic Chem II (232) - Community tutoring or Organ Chem students for 45 minutes, challenge problems for chapter, attending a chemistry seminar or community service to non-profit organization for 1 hour, chapter homework assignments and 4-5 page on chemistry topic approved by professor.

  • Biochemistry I (317) - Perform online 3D structural analysis of 2 key proteins and how they interact showing not only how they function but why it is accomplished.

Child & Family Studies

  • *Human Sexuality (243) - Find a qualified guest speaker to make a speech on the subject of the presentation required. Create a pamphlet with websites and/or hotlines to use in connection to your presentation's subject points and make copies to give to fellow classmates at the end of the presentation.

  • *Human Development: Early Childhood (339) - Create a PowerPoint with an outline of discussion points about the complexities of attachment relationships and record a self-made video teaching a class the presentation.

  • *Families in Crisis (432) - Create a researched report and a presentation about a family crisis topic area and present it at a conference.

  • Family Life Education and Methodology (433) - Create a presentation made for young ones to help them understand a concept such as "how to talk to adults." Include the PowerPoint presentation and an outline of the concepts which may be added to a presentation already required in the course. Use from 7-10 sources for your information.

Civil Engineering

  • Surveying (225) - Create a final report about an additional field laboratory exercise and use the latest equipment and concepts learned in this class. Ex: Determine the elevation of two distant objects and the horizontal distance between the objects using total station and related accessories.

  • Structural Mechanics I (332) - Professor provides a real-life building; perform a detailed structural analysis on it. Perform several calculations on the structure to find different quantities important for the structure's design through both hand calculations and structural analysis software and compare the hand calculations to the software's findings and report the comparison to the professor.

  • *Construction Engineering (480) - Research on a construction-based concept or design and present a PowerPoint presentation on the findings to the class.

  • *Bridge Inspection (497) - Research (or build a model of a bridge) and use principles of bridge inspection to report on the findings. Make a presentation to show the class about building the bridge, testing, and inspection.


  • Media in the 21st Century (170) - Reach out to a small online business and help them expand their brand. Use media advertisements, photoshoots, work with new people to represent the brand, and add more "modernized" touches on to a small media-built brand.

  • Introductory Newswriting (212) - Conceptualize, report, and write an original news story, using the guidelines and best practices covered in class. Work with instructor for approval of the story, then interview 3 sources,  and conduct any research of other sources necessary to complete.

  • Public Speaking (310) - Compare and contrast in a critical essay through in-depth analysis the speaking patterns of two major leaders in U.S. history.

  • *Principles of Public Relations (320) - Provide a PowerPoint presentation of the case study research paper and present findings to the class.

Communicative Disorders

  • *Intro to Communicative Disorders (118) - Complete an analysis of how behavioral issues (ie, smoking) could lead to potential disorders in communication. Present findings in a PowerPoint to the class.

  • Language Acquisition (275) - Interview and record under supervision with a person with a learning disability, hearing impairment, vision loss or other impairment. Answer the template information provided by the professor to determine intervention priorities, goals, and objectives similar to how a speech therapist would.

  • Language Pathology in Children (384) - Write an additional paper of 5-7 pages on a topic in class (ie, ADHD) and how it affects lanugage learning and provide references to resources used.

  • *Neurophysiology (419) - Present presentation on various graduate schools with CODI programs in Louisiana and how they have been impacted by any socio-biological event (ie, COVID-19).

Computer Science

  • Introduction to Computer Science (150) - Complete additional exercises. These exercises are in the area of selection structures, repetition structures, functions and parameter passing, as well as introductory data structures. For data structures, specifically use object-oriented programming.

  • Intro to Data Structure and Design (260) - Complete two tutorials with two different softwares and connect to object-oriented programming by adding a graphical interface using these two softwares.

  • Data Structures and Algorithms (261) - Research and implement an algorithm not used in class, and write a report to discuss the features of this algorithm, how it is different from others, gather its performance info, and discuss personal expectations vs. what happened during the experiment; discuss the usefulness of it compared to others.

  • Intro to Video Game Design and Development (327) - Create a project for a concept from class that used more advanced features of design software. In example, implement a steering mechanic such as "wandering" that requires AI programming in the software.

  • Cmp Organiz & Assem Lang Prog (351) - Complete an extension of the final project implementing a more difficult program in MIPS along with the original programs needed to be used in MIPS for the final project.

  • Android Programming (359) - Create additional programming project that extends the scope of the course and project theme determined by professor.

Criminal Justice

  • *Criminal Justice (101) - Concentrate on a specific crime and make a PowerPoint for the case with all of the information, including the corrections process and how the criminal was punished. Present to the class.

  • The Corrections Process (205) - Write a report combining theories from the textbook with the speakers that have come in to speak. Use reflection in the report to discuss the things that "stick out" the most and reinforce a desire to pursue a career in law enforcement.

  • *Criminal Behavior (330) - Create a presentation from the final paper for the course and present to the class.

  • *Homicide (401) - Make a presentation about the reasoning of a homicide locally, regionally, or nationally explaining motive through detailing patterns of behavior. Present to the class.

Curriculum and Instruction

  • Children's Literature (308) - Complete 2 additional annotations per chapter/genre and a research paper supporting early literature experiences for children.

  • *Fdtns/Prgm Development Early Childhood Ed (413) - Collaborate with a teacher mentor, graduate of UL Laf College of Ed, early childhood teacher in PK-3 grade. Interview the teacher with professor-approved questions and create a private social media page to share classroom ideas and lesson plans.

  • Secondary Sch English Methods (448) - Complete an additional lesson plan as part of the same unit applying, analyzing, evaluating, and creating appropriate content-specific instruction and assessment tools that engage the secondary education students in higher-order thinking and learning activities.

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Dance (DANC)
  • Intro to Dance I (101)- Write a 5-7 page paper about a person spoken of in class with citations.

  • Beginning Jazz Technique (113) - Write either one 5-7 page paper or two 3-5 page papers on a person or people that is chosen by the instructor that reflect the history and important figures in jazz and dance.

  • Intermediate Jazz Techniques (313) - Construct 2 three-page papers on a famous dancer from the past to discover the origin of the moves and techniques.

Design (DSGN)
  • Basic Design II (102) - Research and compile a list of links to videos that explain design and the design process at a beginning level. Construct an "annotated bibliography" of the videos as part of a larger group project.

  • Survey of Design (121) - Listen to a podcast and write 200 words on an episode each week on how it relates to different topics learned throughout the semester and how it connects to things in student's own life.

  • Design and the Computer (235) - Create a full-fledged, professionally designed, and practically structured building in the course's most used design software. Building must be similar to an original aesthetic with appropriate spatial qualities and structural design of a real-life building.

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Economics (ECON)
  • *Principles of Macroeconomics (201) - Write a research paper on the benefits and problems of international trade and present at 10 minute presentation to the class based on this research.

  • Fundamentals of Econ (300) - Research a topic in class and go deeper by writing a research paper on the subject (ie, wage discrimination).

  • Price Theory (325) - Complete a book review for Freakonomics by Levit and Dubner. Summarize each chapter and provide insight or critique into that chapter. Find a resource to show suppor or counterargument to the book authors' argument. At least one reference needed per chapter. Graphs, tables, and diagrams should be used when necessary.

  • Public Finance (428) - Research and and write a paper on both topics proposed in the class and compare the two topics as opposed to choosing only one topic.

Curriculum and Instruction (EDCI)
  • Children's Literature (308) - Complete 2 additional annotations per chapter/genre and a research paper supporting early literature experiences for children.    Secondary Sch English Methods (448) - Complete an additional lesson plan as part of the same unit applying, analyzing, evaluating, and creating appropriate content-specific instruction and assessment tools that engage the secondary education students in higher-order thinking and learning activities.

  • *Fdtns/Prgm Development Early Childhood Ed (413) - Collaborate with a teacher mentor, graduate of UL Laf College of Ed, early childhood teacher in PK-3 grade. Interview the teacher with professor-approved questions and create a private social media page to share classroom ideas and lesson plans.

  • Secondary Sch English Methods (448) - Complete an additional lesson plan as part of the same unit applying, analyzing, evaluating, and creating appropriate content-specific instruction and assessment tools that engage the secondary education students in higher-order thinking and learning activities.

Educational Foundations in Leadership (EDFL)
  • *Introduction to Education (106) - Analyze and discuss the teaching style chosen for presentation in the class by writing an additional essay on the student's plan to incorporate the teaching style in a future classroom setting.

  • Classroom Assessment (456) - Research paper on high-stakes, standardized assessment and its effects on students, their learning styles, and the classroom environment.

  • General Safety & Accident Prevention (268) - Outline an OSHA incident and create a 1-2 page paper describing the incident in detail from the standpoint of an OSHA inspector.
Electrical and Computer Engineering (EECE)
  • Computer Engineering (140) - Create via computer software systems simulations of digital logical devices and systems that models a digital system with combinational and sequential logic devices. Present a report to the professor of the completed work.

  • Telecommunications (233) - Design a small cellular telephone system involving telephone traffic and coverage calculations and plans. Include realistic considerations that all telecommunications engineers need to consider and create a report and presentation for the professor.

  • Microprocessors (340) - Use a Teensy++ development board along with the Arduino IDE to design, test, and prototype a special project. One project of the few will be selected and a proposed specifications written. Use debugging, troubleshooting, and development to implement the project throughout the semester.

  • Data Communications (434) - Using Matlab software pursue implementation and simulation of Communication/Encryption schemes. Implement algorithms related to Communication Protocols. Experiment with varying parameters to determine the effects of environmental conditions and analyze data and iteratively adjust parameters to further determine effects.

  • Computer Hardware Design (459) - Using design and test several small projects in using the VHDL hardware description language. Thorough documentation of all VHDL coding is required and serves as a final projct report. Examples are provided by the professor with specifications for design, such as a high-performance adder or multiplier.

English (ENGL)
  • Pain and Suffering in Literature (211) - Pick a specific televeision show and compare the dialogue about pain and suffereing and the facial expression, movements, and other acting elements. Transcript the words and write the facial expression in part one, and in part two go back and write about the personal reaction to those combinations of words and acting parts.

  • Intro to Creative Writing I (223) - Extended portfolio: Mutli-genre collection to meet the following criteria - interrelated subjects, settings, characters, or themes - including, but not limited to, 4 additional short works of fiction, creative nonfiction, drama and/or poetry that meet the isntructor's assigned criteria for each genre. - word limit of 750 wrds per piece (excluding poetry). Works are to be bound as a complete collection and submitted in addtion to the final portfolio.

  • Intro to Creative Writing I (223) - Research a period in history and write an historical fiction short story of 3 to 5 pages to add in addition to the short stories required for the course.

  • *Modern Fiction (320) - Meet 3 times over semester with a group and the professor to discuss a novel that is to be deemed. Each person must have notes and questions ready to present for discussion.

  • Creative Writing I: Fiction (325) - Write a work specifically to workshop with other Honors students in the course. In conjunction, read two additional readings and write two short papers including self-reflection and critique of the work.

  • Themes and Issues in Children's Lit (460) - Increase the final paper to graduate student length and include a number more resources to critically elaborate on the points in the paper.

General Engineering (ENGR)
  • Electrical Circuits (201) - Write an essay covering computational and functional analysis of an integral electrical circuit piece and use the data to build a working model at the end of the semester.

  • Thermodynamics (301) - Using a visual aid such as a PowerPoint, Prezi, video, poster, or other means, display the importance of thermodynamics in engineering and within modern tech including examples that are often overlooked.

  • *Dynamics (313) - Create a presentation exploring one of the chapters from the book and present it to the class making sure to include real life examples, calculations and concepts all in a teachable format.

  • Robot Dynamics and Controls (420)  - Complete the same additional work as graduate students in the course creating a graduate level project with extra emphasis on theory and implementation.

Environmental Science (ENVS)
  • Environmental Science (150) - Write a research paper about the importance of plants.

  • *Soil Science (285) - Take core sections of Soil Sciences and simplify them to the understanding of a middle school student and make a research paper or presentation to show the class.

  • ENVS Field Techniques (310) - Turn in two additional lab reports that coincide with the water quality lab and vegetation lab in place of the usual data and question sheets.

  • Air Quality (377) - Read the book "An Ocean of Air" and write a paper relating th book to topics in the class.

  • Geographic Information Science I (455) - Use the ArcMap computer program in combination with additional readings and/or tutorials and complete the optional assignments at the end of each chapter in the GIS Tutorial Workbook.

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Finance (FNAN)
  • Essential of Corporate Finance (300) - Create a computation sheet with all ratios listed in one of the textbook chapters for a company selected by the student. Write an essay on the research of the same company and analyze/decide if the company would be added to student's investment portfolio.

  • Business Finance (300) - Write a short research essay for each in-class topic assigned by the professor.

  • Credit and Financial Satement Analysis (307) - Analyze a corporate 10-K and determine financial strenght of the company, its free cash flow, its market value, and its future stability in a paper.

French (FREN)
  • French for Reading (202) - View a French film outside of class and complete activities based on the film including a short analytical paper written in French.

  • Advanced French I (361) - Invent an enrichment program for international students seeking to learn more about Cajun French and Acadian culture. Research these topics and formulate a well-designed brochure advertising the program.

  • Survey Literature I (471) - Write a structural and thematic analysis of an additional poem by an author (ie, Christine de Pizan) focusing on the nature of influential lyric poetry.

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General Engineering (ENGR)
  • Electrical Circuits (201) - Write an essay covering computational and functional analysis of an integral electrical circuit piece and use the data to build a working model at the end of the semester.

  • Thermodynamics (301) - Using a visual aid such as a PowerPoint, Prezi, video, poster, or other means, display the importance of thermodynamics in engineering and within modern tech including examples that are often overlooked.

  • *Dynamics (313) - Create a presentation exploring one of the chapters from the book and present it to the class making sure to include real life examples, calculations and concepts all in a teachable format.

  • Robot Dynamics and Controls (420)  - Complete the same additional work as graduate students in the course creating a graduate level project with extra emphasis on theory and implementation.

Geography (GEOG)
  • World Geography (103) - Make a map that identifies specific local examples of cultural pluralism and dviersity including items like population distribution and racial/cultural event spaces including cultural centers, festival locations, and event housing.

  • US & Canada Geography (310) - Create a workshop on the wetlands (or another topic) with the main goal to educate and inform youth on the importance of that topic area and the effects we have on this environment. Include a Powerpoint of the final result and the proposal sheet with 3 activities, demographic, and supplies needed.

Geology (GEOL)
  • Physical Geology (111) - Write a paper about the characteristics of a particular rock including its minerology, texture, and utility.

  • Intro to Earth Science (225) - Volunteer at the Lafayette Science Museum in the Fossil Picking section of the museum ideally for 4-6 weeks. During the semester, produce a scientific journal of the work at the museum that will document hours and experience.

  • Structural Geology (315) - Make a paper including a cover-page and outline with color images throughout that explain plate tectonics and the formation of the different types of faults within the Earth's crust. Cite sources for images and research.

German (GERM)
  • *Elementary German II (102) - Research a topic in German culture and choose a work by a German author related to the topic; recite an exceprt in German for the class.

  • *Intermediate German (201) - Research German music and create a presentation to present for the class.

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Health (HLTH)
  • Drugs and Society (218) - Write a 3-page research paper about how a particular drug affects the brain an body (ie, methamphetamine) and what programs the medical field has in place to treat patients struggling with abuse of the substance; this is a more detailed paper than the one originally required in the course.

  • Health Promotion and Wellness (312) - Try new workout schedule and adopt new healthy habits in life for about a month. After this trial, report back in a 2-3 page write up about progress, struggles, and overall health during the experience.

  • Health and Sexuality (412) - As per the syllabus choose a topic and conduct independent research on it. Report the findings in a 3-5 page APA formatted paper (ie, how has health and sexuality shaped the world we live in today.)

Health Information Management (HIM)
  • Medical Terminology (361) - Create an activity to help review the words for each chapter or each module. Examples: crossword puzzles, word searches, or similar games along with an answer key.
History (HIST)
  • History of Louisiana (307) - Attend an additional event and write a self-reflection and create a social media post about the experience.

  • Black History (355) - Create a paper that details through the use of academic journals, books, and specialized encyclopedias (if applicable) on a cultural, religious, or historical experience of African-Americans.

  • *US Environmental History (390) - Write 10-15 short 100 character blasts or one 1500 word blog on the department's social media and detail the experience of attending an event at the local history museum. Write a short 2 page reflection on the experience.

Hospitality Management (HMGT)
  • Principles of Tourism (331) - Visit the Lafayette CVB and visitor center and look at data and marketing efforts by Lafayette Travel. Discuss interview of one of their employees in a paper, use statistics, look at their social media presence per type, and express ideas for improvement.

  • Beverage Management (452) - Do a further analysis paper on methods used to make 3 main alcohol types; consistency, how they are processed, and their differences. Compare cost and structures between production of each type using accounting methods in conjunction with hospitality.

Humanities (HUMN)
  • *The Humanistic Tradition I (151) - Create a modified annotated bibliography with citations and summaries of research on an ancient culture and how it is prevalent in today's society with stated background, research goals, and a conclusion discussing what was found - present findings to the class in a PowerPoint.

  • *Intro to Women's Studies (200) - Create and present a presentation analyzing media in popular culture using the Beckdel Test and other representation tests for females in media.

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Industrial Design (INDN)
  • Industrial Design I (201) - Create detailed models of the inside as well as outside of the item and use expanded marketing research about packaging, consumer category, and appeal beyond the product itself.

  • Industrial Design Studio IV (302) - Design a webpage to showcase the portfolio.

Informatics (INFX)
  • IT Infrastructure (240) - Complete additional homework questions and write a course paper on a topic of student's choosing in the course with regards to application of the technologies learned within the realm of emerging tech.

  • Computational Thinking (301) - Create and execute computer programs designed to measure performance metrics on the computer while it is running one of two virtual machine applications. Create an academic paper elaborating on which of the two applications is more demanding of the host machine and why.

  • Information Management (330) - Apply Structure Query Language (SQL) by creating and maintaining a database on a server. Run tests on the server to ensure database functioning and write a paper to elaborate on the results and work in greater detail.

  • System Admin and Maintenance (450) - Complete additional lab assignments in textbook topics not covered in class such as networking, software management, task management, and web servers.

Instructional Resources in Education (IRED)
  • *Technology in the Classroom (320) - Use PowerPoint to make and present an "ActivInspire" lesson in field of secondary education with optimal interactivity of the five senses.

Insurance and Risk Management (INSR)
  • No contracts completed at this time.
Interior Design (INDS)
  • *Interior Design I (201) - Research how newly built housing should be more resilient to withstand future natural disasters. Make a presentation for the class about findings.
Nursing and Allied Health Professionals (IPHE)
  • Basic Human Nutrition (200) - Keep a food journal each day for 2 weeks noting everything eaten through the course's Cengage learning site to track nutrient intake everyday. Work to achieve the recommened sizes each day, and compare intake to recommendations in a short paper.

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Kinesiology (KNES)
  • Concepts of Fitness and Wellness (110) - Create a research paper on any topic in the course synthesizing and anlyzing the findings.

  • Resistance Training and Conditioning Technique (280) - Create an annotated bibliography on a topic of my choice pertaining to the field of weightlifting and resistance training looking at the science and techniques involved in weightlifting.

  • *Physiology and Exercise (303) - Review a scientific study and create a 5-10 minute presentation to the class based on it with attached voice recordings.

  • Physical Education for Individuals with Disabilities (306) - Conduct a program evaluation on a service-learning program modality. Collect feedback in a survey from parents and family members of the program participants and service-learning leaders and create a report from the data.

  • Movement and Evaluation in KNES (400) - Work in connection with a graduate student and professor to collect data, entering data into software, and analyzing it for purposes of inter-rater reliability and test/retest reliability. If possible, work through the termination of the study to complete additional analyses with professor.

Kinesiology Activity (KNEA)
  • NOT APPLICABLE: Must be 3 hour course and all KNEA are 2 credit hours.

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LA Center Health Informatics (LCHI)
  • Health and Data Management Tools (207) - Using Microsoft Visio design a flowchart that emphasizes "Is HIM for Me?" and a 1-3 page papger listing and explaining potential career options for HIM.
LIFE Program (LIFE)
  • No contracts at this time.
Library Science (LBSC)
  • No contracts at this time.

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Management (MGMT)
  • *Management and Behavior in Organizations (320) - Prepare a 20-30 minute PowerPoint presentation from textbook including purpose, process, and product and include all needed parts of key insights suggested by professor.

  • Leadership (380) - Build/create Baseball/Yu-gi-oh Style cards of fictional and non-fictional leaders. On each card have a character picture, Leadership style (archetype), Effectiveness, and a short Biography (including why they are classified as each leadership style.) Each card should be unique but uniform to entire set, and cover sheet should be turned in explaining what was learned from the completion of the assignment with copies of each card following.

  • Business & Society (400) - Perform a "Social Audit" on a fictional company or existing company with guidelines from the professor. Write up 10-15 pages including in each section the stengths and weaknesses of the company's current approaches to social responsibility with recommendations to improve the weakness.

Marketing (MKTG)
  • *Principles of Marketing (345) - Explain in a paper the "Fomo model" with examples. Analyze how it correlates to social media and present findings to the class in a presentation.

  • Consumer Behavior (355) - Write a paper that focuses on specific marketing to generational cohorts such as Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millenials. Use 5-7 sources.

  • Professional Sales (357) - Research and in a paper discuss how students prepare for virtual interviews and client meetings through role play techniques. Discuss its effectiveness as shown by data, if applicable.

  • International Marketing (470) - Create a 1500+ word paper on international marketing campaigns launched by western companies and focus on how their international campaigns affect their domestic image and why they might present their international marketing in ways contrary to popular traditions or beliefs of their home country and own stated values.

Mathematics (MATH)
  • Pre-Calc Trig and Func Theory (110) - Work additional problems that extend knowledge in the subject and write a short essay focusing on real world application of these problems.

  • Fundamentals of Mathematics (360) - Meet with the professor once a week outside of class to go over materials not covered in the course and work homework materials over these additional theoretical topics.

  • Elementary Linear Algebra - Choose two additional chapters from the course textbook not addressed in the course and reflect on 2 examples in each chapter with problems and complete the work for each problem in the chapter chosen.

Mechanical Engineering (MCHE)
  • Engineering Analysis (301) - Apply numerical methods and programming skills to create an Accurate Spinal Curvature Estimation using Matlab.

  • Graphics & Solid Modeling (303) - Create a 3D Model of MCHE 201 project. Take into account features learned in class such as animations, mates, etc. with 6 or more parts for more in depth understanding.

  • Mechanical Vibrations (485) - Write a paper on the application of mechanical vibrations on suspension bridges and cranes.

Military Science (MLSC)
  • *Military Orientation (102) - Research the various hand signals used in military missions and how they are properly used in the military. Enlist the help of other cadets with more knowledge to present the work from this lab to the rest of the class.

  • Leadership/Followship (202) - Create a standard operation procedure for the leadership position using organization and knowledge of how a military battalion operates at the staff level.

Moving Image Arts (MIA)
  • Film Development and Distribution (320) - Watch a film per week and write a 2 page paper analyzing and reflecting on themes, techniques, and emotions the film generates.

  • *Post Production (350) - Edit a full narrative short film (instead of only half of one as others do in the course). If time allows, present it to the class with an explanation of the process.

  • Color Correction for Digital Video (420) - Shoot and create work that mimics styles of major film directors. Create footage by going out and filming own shots and also work with provided footage. Correct color for own digital images shot, but more importantly learn how to set up the shots to make color correcting less difficult.

Music (MUS)
  • History of American Pop Music (104) - Create an original composition of at least 3 minutes in length, using concepts discussed in class and present this as a lead sheet and audio recording using live and programmed instruments. Write a description of which musical elements were used.

  • Intro to Music Tech (276) - Write an essay about a musician's album including critiques on themes, style, artwork, and recording techniques. Research with 3-5 sources information about the album, including critiques and artist statements. Detail and reflect on a personal reaction to the music and artwork, favorite style of listening (digital vs. analog), and recording choices.

  • Class Piano for Non-Majors (323) - Extra drill exercises in sight-reading and physical technique; in application areas, complete an additional repertoire piece or choose a simple popular song to reinvision.

  • *Audio Recording Tech II (377) - Upkeep recording studio on campus attending the studio once each week and make a log of experience with the professor. Pack away materials each time or set up materials for recording. Write a short reflection essay on the experience.

  • Mgmt Booking and Touring (455) - Create and route a mini-tour for an artist/band focused on venues where the capacity ranges from 200-600. Handle avails, co-pro, or all out rentals for 3 identified venues and plan for travel between them and additional logistics (backline, ancillary, production, etc.)

  • Music Business Entrepreneur (456) - Contact a small business owner, interview them to get a better perspective on their entrepreneurial mindset. Discuss in an essay the reaction to this interview and present the questions and interview transcript to the professor for commentary.

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Nursing (NURS)
  • Fundamentals in Nursing (208) - Attend an upper-level nursing simulation and lead the debriefing during. Write a journal post on what occurred and was learned from the experience.

  • *Clinical Leadership (342) - Create a PowerPoint presentation and educate the class about transformational leadership, its history, its defining characteristics, where it can be applied in the nursing profession, and how well it is being utilized in today's acute care hospitals.

  • *Child, Family Adolescent Care (403) - Create an Infographic on effects of bio-social issues (ie, COVID-19) on developing fetus, infants, and children. Present a brief presentation via synchronous class time.

Nursing and Allied Health Professionals (IPHE)
  • Basic Human Nutrition (200) - Keep a food journal each day for 2 weeks noting everything eaten through the course's Cengage learning site to track nutrient intake everyday. Work to achieve the recommened sizes each day, and compare intake to recommendations in a short paper.

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Organizational Leadership (ORGL)
  • No contracts completed at this time.

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Petroleum Engineering (PETE)
  • Drilling Fluid (211) - Write a paper or presentation on the effects of water-based fluids on a particular formation of rocks (ie shale).
Philosophy (PHIL)
  • *Contermporary Moral Dilemmas (111) - Present a 15-minute intensive research about the "immigration issue." Use video, PowerPoint, and create a Q&A session.

  • Critical Thinking (202) - Write an essay identifying and analyzing the logical fallacies of two prominent political figures.

  • Professional Ethics (316) - Write a 3,000 word essay on the ethics of political campaigns using historical facts or precedents. Apply it to current day political campaign issues as well.

  • Philosophy of Religion (331) - Interview members of local religious organizations, recording their responses to philosophical arguments learned in class and write a 10-12 page essay critically evaluating and explaining the best arguments and objections.

Physics (PHYS)
  • Astronomy of the Solar System (160) - Write an essay on a recent NASA/SpaceX, or other mission and the scientific studies it is conducting, including on the technical aspects of the science tools the mission is equipped with as well as the preliminary and expected findings.

  • Astronomy Beyond Solar System (170) - Write an essay about how Cecilia Payne's work differ from the standard version of stellar evolution, detailing the life of the woman who helped created the HR diagram.

  • Intro to Physics I (207) - Read additional chapter in course not covered, solve additional problems, and analyze the results of a simulation in short paper.

  • *Quantum Mechanics I (437) - From the foundations of the theory, analyze the computational capabilites of quantum systems such as quantum gates and quantum optical elements by attending a graduate-level quantum computing course (with the approval of the professor). If professor is available in PHYS 437 and if applicable, meet with the professor a few times during the semster to incorporate Python coding using "Q-tip" or to help with professor's research.

Political Science (POLS)
  • Intro to Law and Legal Reasoning (382) - Provide a detailed and concrete PowerPoint with evidence on each project in class dealing with a different aspect of laws discussed as per the professor's design.
Professional Land and Resource Management (PLRM)
  • No contracts completed at this time.
Psychology (PSYC)
  • Psychology of Adjustment (300) - Create a visual guide with techniques for helping a particular population with adjustment concerns.

  • OR Psychology of Adjustment (300) - Create a small survey and send asking about values and majors and then research current articles to help write a literature review about values and majors and how they interact.

  • Child Psychology (311) - Write a 5-7 page paper on an aspect of child development using 6 sources and a personal statement. This is a longer version than an original version of the paper required in the course and has a self-reflection piece.

  • OR Child Psychology (311) - Perform a literature review for how morality is developed. Analyze multiple sources of information on how morality is developed during childhood, synthesize the info, and apply the book/notes from class.

  • Behavioral Modification (370) - Choose a behavior modification technique/area that has been discussed this semester and write an analysis essay discussing the effectiveness of the treatment, what kinds of treatment is used, the type of behavior and how it is changed, and how the essay topic relates to in class topics.

  • *Abnormal Psychology (445) - Create a professional and educational PowerPoint presentation about a particular diagnosis. Present it as if the diagnosis is a narrative about a person and express the signs and symptoms of the diagnosis as in a case study.

  • OR Abnormal Psych (445) - Find research articles to expand on a topic not covered extensively in the textbook and write a research paper about the findings.

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Quantitative Methods (QMET)
  • Fundamentals of Business Stat (251) - Install a student license, watch "getting started" videos and complete 3 guided exercises in Tableau. Recreate a dashboard and analyze own choice of dataset to create a dashboard in Tableau to summarize the findings.

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Reading (READ)
  • Teaching Content Literacy in Middle and Secondary School (410) - Contact a current teacher in the subject area of student's concentration and discuss instruction challenges and addressing these real-world issues in a classroom setting effectively. Produce an essay detailing specifically one issue that was meaningful to solving or answering a significant problem and explain its signficance.
Recreation (RCEA)
  • No contracts completed at this time.

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Sociology (SOCI)
  • Intro to Sociology (100) - Write a six to ten page paper on a "breaching experiment" wherein a social norm is broken with a control group (friends and family) and experimental group (strangers) to compare and contrast.

  • *Contemporary Social Problems (241) - Volunteer at a a local non-profit organization for 4 hours and write  paper relating the experience to social aspects related to the non-profit's mission. Make a visual version of your paper as a poster.

  • Minority Groups (310) - Conduct an Op-Ed on a topic of a particular social movement (ie, the topic of Haiti and the Haitian Revolution). Base it off of a personal connection to family heritage if applicable.

  • Social Interaction (420) - Take photos that illustrate sociological concepts and provide captions of each photo in a paper to turn in. Themes of the photos are up to the student, as long as they convey a topic/theme in the course and are explained.

Spanish (SPAN)
  • *Elementary Spanish I (101) - Create a presentation on the culture of a Spanish-speaking country and present to the class.

  • Conversation (316) - Run and upload a blog each day and upload a vlog once a week in spoken Spanish.

Special Education (SPED)
  • Foundations of Inclusive Educ. (391) - Interview someone that works with a special needs population and write a paper detailing the experience and own reactions about the conversation.
Statistics (STAT)
  • Biometry (417) - Student is a provided a set of data which is used to write a paper OR given a set of assignments on JMP software to complete and in which to write a paper.

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Theatre (THEA)
  • *Introduction to Theatre (161) - Research and prepare a PowerPoint presentation on Performing Arts in an international culture different from the Western world and present it to the class.

  • *Acting I (261) - Do an additional performance of a 5-minute monologue.

  • *Stage Management (375) - Execute the duties of stage manager during rehearsals, production meetings, and performances at a chosen production and provide a completed binder that shows the skills from class used during this experience.

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University (UNIV)
  • *Mastering the First Year (UNIV 100) - Topic analysis of how to be a successful college student from freshmen year to the year/time of graduation - analyze multiple sources, synthesize the information to visualize credibility within the sources, and share with the class how it was done and the results.

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Visual Arts (VIAR)
  • Art Appreciation (120) - Read five articles assigned by the professor and write a one page paper for each article with not a summary but a critical response to an element of the argument. Write a 4-5 page essay on "What is Art?"

  • Survey of Visual Arts II (122) - Create a research paper of 6-8 pages on a topic or artist in the class using 6 sources and numbered footnotes.

  • Art and the Computer (235) - Create a Digitally Animated Music Video for a song of your choosing. Pre-production work includes conceptual development of the structure/narrative aof the video as well as design and stylistic development. The content and style should relate conceptually to the song you have chosen with storyboard, animatic, styleframes, and design assets set to a due date timeline created with the professor's guidance.

  • Introduction to Painting (250) - Write a Personal Direction Problem that addresses formal and conceptual considerations and a tentative estimate of the quantity and size of works as either a singular work or a series of two or more works exploring variations on the theme - turn in this synopsis at midterm. Submit work at end of the semester with a typed statement addressing the considerations in the work.

  • Women's Experience in Art (321) - Read the additional articles provided and (as opposed to a summary) make a critical response to some element of the argument or information in the article in a 1 page paper for each article.

  • Visual Communications (345) - Create graphic work for an album cover and tracklist in order to display profficiency with graphic design and typography. Include: Front Cover, Back w/ Tracklist, two concept images based off of songs, and progress work (ie sketches).

  • Senior Capstone Art Project II (410) - Write a 2-3 page paper on a chosen artist.

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