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Honors Memories and Archive

In the Year 2018 to 2019 we will be celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette's Honors Program. We have proudly gathered together pictures of memories from the past 40 years of the Honors Program here at the University. Pictures show alumni doing what Ragin' Cajun Honors students do best, finding happiness through knowledge. You will notice a number of years that are listed, each one containing a multitude of pictures. Each of these pictures was hand-scanned and entered as a part of this collection to archive USL/UL Lafayette Honors' history.

                                                                                                Ernest Gaines and Dr. Patricia Rickels
At Honors, we recognize that our program arose from the efforts of many, and our culture prospered from the participation of our students. We honor those who have come through these hallowed halls with the recognition that their memories of seasons past are still poignant and valued.
If you have any pictures from being in Honors at UL Lafayette or when it was USL and would like to contribute them to the Honors Memories Gallery, please email these pictures or videos to
This picture shows the Pre-Renovated Judice-Rickels Hall circa 1998, then only known as Judice Hall. As shown in the picture, the building had a long way to go to become the beautiful building it is today.


This picture shows the Old Union's Forum, the original home for the Honors Seminar for 3 decades, which has been greatly missed. For 4 years, seminar has resided in Moody Hall while the new Student Union was constructed. Sadly, a new Forum was not constructed for the Honors Program in the new Student Union. However, in Spring 2016, Honors Seminar had a new home in Griffin Hall.