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50th Anniversary of the Honors Program

Even Baloo was Invited....

In the Fall of 2018 the Honors Program celebrated 50 years of the University Honors Program in a Fiftieth Anniversay Gala at the UL Lafayette Alumni Center. The night was filled with food, fun, and memories. Alumni as well as professors from the many years of the program's existence attended to celebrate the success that is the continued educational excellence provided by the program.

Over the years, the University Honors Program created a family of scholars that either lived together, read together, played together, created together, laughed together, or loved together. And on the note of love, it is no secret that a number of our graduates who met and learned together in the Honors Program eventually married and had children. It's not surprising that even today our program continues to provide a place not just for students who excel, but as a place for students to feel they truly belong. So when we set about creating the gala, our biggest inspiration was to remind our guests and ourselves that Honors is more than just a cherished memory or a space of unparalleled scholarship. It has also been a home for so very many.

To prepare for the evening, a number of statistics were gathered to reminisce on the amazing number of educational opportunities that have been available to students through the program all these years. From seminar to theses, Honors has been quite busy.


Honors Graduates 1975-2018

4,330 (since 1975 requirements were created for graduates)

Honors Baccalaureates Since 1980

123 Theses completed


Appr. 310 seminars (1 section)
Appr. 344 seminars (1-4 sections)
Appr. 1,324 seminars (6-10 sections)
TOTAL = 1,978 seminars*
*These numbers include Taurus Quolloquium & Gloria Fiero Lectures as well as seminars presented by professors.

Here's to another 50 years of Honors...