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This section of our archives tracks the progress of the UL Lafayette Honors Program from its start as a seminar to the greater expansion of activities and events for students, and finally on to its inception as a program. Yearbook sections are provided to show the growth of the understanding toward the program by USL, and featured are pictures and familiar faces.

1973 Yearbook's FIRST Mention of Seminar

1973 Seminar in the Student Union Forum

Images by Jim Donham

1972 Around Campus

Images by Jim Donham


1974 Yearbook Mention


1975 Yearbook Mention


1976 Yearbook Mention


1978 - Interesting Yearbook Section

This small excerpt explains the future expansion of USL at the time, and the amount of acreage owned by USL. Interestingly enough, much has changed, but much has also remained the same.

Although no mention of Honors in the Yearbook for multiple years starting in 1978, this excerpt from above is an interesting anecdote as to how much, or how little, has changed in the world. As for Honors, the Program was just beginning to take shape, still, and it would not be until the early to mid 1980's before it became more like the program as we know it now.