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Interested in Becoming Honors Faculty?

Interested in Becoming Honors Faculty?

We have an excellent and active Honors Program at UL Lafayette and we invite you to join us in helping Honors serve the university community and its students.

Why Become Involved?

  • Opportunity to work with highly motivated students
  • Smaller class size optimizes interaction with and among students
  • Opportunity to introduce experimental pedagogical methods
  • Opportunity for professional growth
  • Undergraduate Research opportunities with students encouraged

Become an Honors Professor: 3-Ways!

  • You can teach regular departmental honors courses created by your department. Most of these are 100 and 200-level courses. Speak with your Department Head.
  • There are variable-content Honors Department courses for which you might be interested in submitting proposals. I like to have a variety of faculty members from many departments involved and our 300-level courses may be cross-listed with upper level courses. You can peruse some of our course offerings for HONR 325 (Topics in Engineering), HONR 335 (Topics in Business), HONR 345 (Topics in Nursing), HONR 355 (Topics in Education), HONR 365 (Topics in the Arts), HONR 375 (Topics in Science) and HONR 385 (Topics in the Humanities) under the following link . Honors also has 400-level equivalents of these topics courses which can be stand-alone or cross listed with any of your 400-level courses (example: HONR 465 (Topics in the Arts).
  • In addition to the courses previously mentioned, Honors also have Honors Courses by Contract which allow a one-to-one student/professor relationship. These courses are created by an arrangement between the student and the professor. Provided is a link to what student's see when they contract an Honors contract and a faculty page about the Honors Contract that can be helpful in forming a best-practice based contracts.

We hope you will become one of our Honors Faculty in the coming years.

If you are not ready to become Honors Faculty but would like to become involved in Honors at another level, here are several ways you can help.

Identify and involve your students: New freshmen with ACT scores of 26 (SAT 1200) and higher are invited to join the Honors Program and usually come through orientation. Others may seek admission from the Director in the second Freshman semester with a 3.0 cumulative GPA or sophomore year with a 3.2 GPA. Transfer students and continuing students are accepted with a cumulative GPA of 3.2 and above. Please help me, and them, by referring to me high ACT freshmen or excellent transfer and continuing students whom we have somehow missed and whom you encounter as a teacher or advisor.

Get involved in undergraduate research: Each fall the University Honors Program had hosted the annual Undergraduate Research Conference which invites students in all majors from Louisiana universities. Presenters in this conference are often chosen to represent UL Lafayette in the Spring at the statewide Regents Academic Summit Conference. If you would like to be a part of the planning process, be a judge, or help some of your students submit their research please contact the Student Center for Research. Submissions can be posters, power-point presentation or conference papers. Additionally, those who participate in the conference can have their work published in the university e-publication of the conference (coming soon). Students do not have to be in Honors to participate. More information on the conference and publication can be found on the link provided.

The University Honors Program is located in Judice-Rickels Hall on St. Mary Street directly across from the Dupre Library. Please come by and visit us or contact me at 482-6700 or