Excellence and Creativity

Our program proudly continues a long-standing tradition of providing serious and highly motivated students with a unique set of intellectual and educational opportunities.

Joining Honors During Summer 2020 Orientation

Helpful Hints for Joining the Honors Program

If you are interested in joining the University Honors Program at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette you can do so during your remote orientation session. In orientation this summer there will be online videos with information for the University Honors Program, but also a space for you to sign up for the Honors Program by filling in a form to join. Once you fill this form out completely and submit we will then contact you to let you know you have been added into our program. Helpful hints:

  • Remember that all incoming freshmen/transfer students sign up for the Honors seminar course (HONR 300) each semester.
  • Know Honors freshmen/transfer students should take at least 1 Honors course the first semester, and a list of these courses is found on our website's homepage if you click the link under the "Find It Quick" menu titled "Fall 2020 Course Offerings".
  • Review Courses: All incoming freshman need a UNIV 100. Honors students can take a H## section, and count this as the first Honors course. Most of our students will also take ENGL 115 (which is the Honors version of ENGL 102), or HIST 103 (the Honors version of HIST 101) or any of our other Honors courses. You need an Honors course each semester until you reach 6 courses, and you may take more than one Honors course in a semester.
  • Plan for "I can't find an Honors course or the Honors course I want conflicts in my schedule." Transfer students or incoming freshmen with this issue can "contract" a non-Honors course to turn it into Honors. Check under our "Find It Quick" menu item "Honors Contracts" to learn more.
  • Find out about the incoming freshman scholarship, "Honors Scholars of Excellence", that can be signed up for during your orientation if you have a 32 composite ACT.

Happiness through Knowledge

The University Honors Program offers undergraduate students a series of opportunities for excellence and creativity in the form of exceptional courses, independent study, colloquia, research, and internships. Our students find their place among a large but intimate community of scholars in every discipline.

We support intellectual freedom, celebrate individuality, and hope each graduate will become a life-long learner. Our motto is “per sapientiam felicitas” which means “through knowledge, happiness.