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Honors Centennial Calendar Year 2000

In the year 2000, the Honors Program released a calendar documenting USL's Honors Program. The calendar included little known information about the program, pictures, and lists of alumni and scholarship recipients. It detailed a rich and exuberant culture in the Honors Program which was increased by the devotion of the Honors Alumni to their program. The information found within was recreated to the best of our ability for our digital archive.

Honors Quiz

When were the first Honor Baccalaureate Degrees awarded?  Spring 1979

Who were the recipients? Fount Freeman - Accounting, F. Britt Dearman-Petroleum Engineering, Louis Houston-Physics/Math, James lee Melton-Computer Science/Math, Charles Perniciare-Pre Med

Who established the Honors Alumni Scholarship? Michael Broussard and Craig Braquet

Who was awarded the first USL Honors Alumni Scholarship? Joseph White, 1984



Dr. Pat preparing for Homecoming in the lounge of Maxim Doucet







The Feast of St. Joseph, March 19, is celebrated annually in the Honors Office. Pictured between the fruits, breads, and flowers is Elaine Bernard, Office Coordinator.






What does "Per Sapientiam Felicitas" mean? Through Knowledge, Happiness

To what does Areopagitica refer? An essay by John Milton






Areopagitica Issue XVII, 1992-1993

"Where there is much desire to learn, there of necessity will be much arguing, much writing, many opinions; for opinion in good men is but knowledge in the making." - John Milton








Picture by Rachel M. Thompson of Timothy Leary

Editor: Andrea D. Whitewing

Assistant Editor: Sarah Spell-Johnson










By James Hebert











Who was the first Honors Program Director? Dr. Ronald White

Who were the original members of the Honors Holy Trinity? Dr. Patricia Rickels, Dr. Duane Blumberg, Dr. Matt Dakin






The Members of the Honors Cup Trick








A 1987 Trip to LCHC







Where did we get the Honors bear? The Ira Nelson Horticulture Center

What former dean assisted in the acquisition of Baloo? Jimmy Clarke

What does Ursa Mortis mean? Dead Bear

Who gave Baloo his name? Matt Boyington 

From what language does Baloo's name come? The Hindi Language





Baloo - The Honors Bear at Maxim Doucet










What are the names of the current Honors Residence Halls? Female: Baker-Huger; Male: The Conference Center

What is the name of the new home of the Honors Program? Judice Hall

What was the last Honors Scholarship created? The Oran Robert Perry Burke Scholarship

Who created it? James Lee Burke, Author

When was the first Honors Seminar offered? 1970

Where was the seminar conducted? Wharton Hall Room 101

Who knitted Kermit's USL sweater? Michelle Bonnette

Who is the little frog that sits on Kermit's lap? His nephew (really his son)




1994 Honors Alumni Graduation Reception










Kermit has never missed an Honors Alumni Graduation party!










Kermit shows off his USL sweater.







Who painted the mural in the Honors Lounge? 5 year old children from the summer enrichment program for gifted education

What does TGIHF mean? Thank God it's Honors Friday

What does Taurus Colloquium mean? Bull Session




The Mural In Maxim Doucet





Maisie and Grant Molett Scholarship 1995 - 2000

On September 6, 1995, the University Honors Program lost one of its dearest friends and most loyal supporters when, after a brief illness, Grant Molett died, but not before presenting the first recipient of his endowed scholarship to Michelle Symour-Meche. Winners include:

  • Michelle Seymour-Meche
  • Paul "P.J." Rochon
  • G. Michael Guy
  • Patrick Holman
  • LaTonia Cretian
  • Denise Guidry
  • Jeffrey Boos

Molett Prize 1991-1999

In the Fall of 1991, Mr. and Mrs. Molett awarded the first Molett prize for the best essay on the Honors Book. The prize consist of a cash award and an engraved book mark. Winners include:

  • Tanya Anderson
  • Carmen Comeaux
  • Thomas Renfro
  • Roxanne Guillory-Lane
  • Alison Sims
  • Reggie Rodrigue
  • Christine Gerbert
  • Casey Guillot
  • Renatti Dupont
  • Patrick Holman
  • Janette Douglas
  • T. Pierre Hebert
  • Keats Ryan
  • Denise Guidry
  • Christine Andrepont
  • Eric Neal Raley
  • Jason D. Meaux
  • Kim Becnel

Dr. John Meriwether & Dr. Rusty Bernard's Amazing Conference Table

The conference table currently resides in Dr. Frederick's office in Judice-Rickels Hall.

The Keith Lindley Scholarship was first awarded in 1978. The winners include:

Matthew Pierret, Chad Guidry, Stephen Sinitiere, Scott Benton, Jonathan Cargille, Donald Courville II, Jason Derouen, Tanya Jagneaux, David Vice, Emily Billingsley, Mandy L. Boudreaux, Christopher Courville, David Demoruelle, Richard Johnson, Stephen Sims, Michelle Geraghty, Larry Arnaud Jr., Darrell Deville, Benjamin Potier Jr., Cynthia Kinsland, Daniel Hanchey, Sean Werner, Billy Leonard, Chris Debaillon, Blake Landry, Christopher Courville, Donna Marie Huval, Christopher Mallory, Ann Bouvier, Gregory Giandomenica, guy Birkenmeier, Neil Maldonado, Soraya Rana, Adam Austin, Toby Marks, Sidney Jay Bienvenu, Fatema Fazleali, David Guilbeau, Kerry Thibodeaux, John Lancon, Kenneth Werther, Max Patin, Steven Daigle, Aimee Buckel, Russell Foreman, Sidney Jay Bienvenu, Roger Castille, Cristine Gerbert, Casey Guillot, Tesia Stanaland, Rebecca Gonzales, Christopher Mallory, Patrice Melancon, Johanna Murdock, William Bares, Matthew Fore, Don Ringe Jr., William Josh Sonnier, Peter Comeaux, Jaime Becnel, David Guilbeau, Adam Trahan


Honors Alumni Scholarship Recipients 1984-1999

The funds for these scholarships are collected by Michael Broussard and Craig Braquet, two Honors alumni who solicit graduates of the Honors Program for contributions. Applicants are screened on a basis of academic record, financial need, and contribution to the Honors Program. Winners include:

Joseph White, Cecilia Dupre, Mandy Dunn-Doss, Pamela Zetty, Lenee Jeffers, Denise Guidry, Mary Boyington, Sarah Mertins, Michelle Geraghty, Pamela Bourque-Patin, Marjorie Guillot, Jennifer Moy-Weaver, Dawn Wall, Kim Becnel, Lisa Carlson, Darrin Leleux, Steele Russell Jr., Chad Lacomb, Terry Blanchard, Julie Hanks, Mary Boyington, Henry Lafleur, Stuart Gauthier, T. Matt Boyington, Jude Meche, Cythia Kinsland, Conseula Francis, Amy Brewer, Elista Istre




1993-1994 Recipients: Adam Austin, Daniel Hanchey, Jay Bienvenu with Mr. Lindley








1998-99 Recipients with Mr. Lindley: Christopher Courville, Blake Landry, David Guilbeau and Casey Guillot



Oran Robert Perry Burke Memorial Scholarship 1998-1999


James Lee Burke, novelist, (pictured here, picture from Facebook) established this scholarship to help five needy Honors students each semester. Winners include:





Christine Andrepont, Lisa Carlson, Sarah Guidry, Melanie Broussard, Deidra DeFils, Sharon Williams-Lacon, Michael Arton, Laura Galan, Casey LaGraize, Linda Deshotels, Christopher Fontenot, Jamie Becnel, Roxanne Guillory-Lane, Matthew Lane Jr., Casey Guillot, Eric Neal Raley, Joy Blanchard, Jennifer Miguez, Patricia Olivier, Jack Hebert, Molly Wilfong, Mary Boyington, Paul J. Rochon, Raina Perez, Ryan Romero

Honors Baccalaureate Degrees Awarded 1979 to 1999

Peter Alleman, Sp 81 ~ Christine Andrepont, Fa 98 ~ William Bares, Sp 92 ~ Vincent Barras, Sp 92 ~ Troy C. Barrilleaux, Sp 95 ~ Phyllis Baudoin, Sp 83 ~ Jaime Becnel, Sp 98 ~ Kim Becnle, Sp 97 ~ Joy Blanchard, Sp 99 ~ Michelle Bonnett, Sp 87 ~ Pamela Ann Bourque-Patin, Sp 90 ~ Mary Boyington, Sp 98 ~ Latonya Cretian, Fa 97 ~ Stephania Cormier-Regard, Sp 91 ~ Todd Cranche, Su 87 ~ Frederick B, Dearman II, Sp 79 ~ Christina Deshotels, Fa 86 ~ Tina Deshotels, Sp 96 ~ Camille Domingue, Fa 85 ~ Scott Escott, Sp 81 ~ Stephanie Fofonoff, Su 91 ~ Edward Darby Fontenot (Deceased), Sp 81 ~ Celeste Foret-Garbarino, Sp 81 ~ Consuela Frances, Sp 96 ~ Font Freeman, Sp 79 ~ Laura N. Galan, Fa 98 ~ Stuart Gauthier, Sp 89 ~ Bradley Gill, Sp 94 ~ Guillermo Gron Jr., Fa 94 ~ John Guidroz, Sp 94 ~ Denise Guidry, Fa 96 ~ Roxanne Guillory-Lane, Fa 98 ~ Julie Anna Hanks, Sp 95 ~ Douglas Hawes, Sp 90 ~ Ida E. Heckenbach-Havel-Gentil, Sp 86 ~ Patrick Holman, Sp 97 ~ Stephanie Hotard-Lecompte, Fa 87 ~ Louis Houston, Sp 79 ~ Janie Lenee Jeffers, Sp 94 ~ Richard Johnson, Sp 80 ~ Thomas C. Jones, Sp 87 ~ Wayne Joubert, Sp 81




The first Honors Theses 1979 (pictured in window of Judice-Rickels)

DeAnn Kalich-Gauthier, Su 89 ~ Cynthia Kinsland, Sp 94 ~ Amy Kocourek, Fa 87 ~ Henry LaFleur, Fa 98 ~ John Louis LaFleur, Sp 90 ~ Ellen Mary Lancon-Conner, Sp 84 ~ John Lancon, Sp 86 ~ Leigh Christy Landry-Cargille, Fa 89 ~ Scott Lasley, Sp 83 ~ Francis Todd Lasseigne, Fa 89 ~ Julie Leblanc, Sp 93 ~ Joyce Bradshaw LeBlanc, Sp 94 ~ Bernard Leclerc, Fa 82 ~ Denny LeCompte, Fa 87 ~ Mark Longaker, Sp 96 ~ John Matese, Sp 90 ~ Jude Meche, Sp 93 ~ Michelle Seymour-Meche, Sp 96 ~ Loretta Melancon, Sp 91 ~ Patrice Melancon, Sp 88 ~ James Lee Melton, Sp 79 ~ Dana Lynn Montet, Fa 94 ~ Dale Naquin (Deceased), Sp 80 ~ Reuben Parks, Fa 93 ~ Leah Patin, Su 96 ~ Charles Perniciaro, Sp 79 ~ Desiree Plaisance, Sp 98 ~ Mary Jackie Pousson-Underwood, Sp 87 ~ Johnette Prejean-Mansur, Sp 89 ~ Brian Patrick Richard, Sp 99 ~ Charles Richard, Fa 80 ~ Paul J. Rochon, Sp 99 ~ Steele Russell Jr., Su 91 ~ Cynthia Sawyer-Beyer, Sp 81 ~ Pamela C. Sawyer -Ryan, Sp 84 ~ Robin Schnieder-Broussard, Sp 88 ~ Stephen Sims, Fa 83 ~ Francine Tatu Slaton, Sp 91 ~ Angelina Stanford-McBride, Sp 93 ~ Carol Steen, Sp 88 ~ David Thompson, Fa 82 ~ Carl W. Tritschler, Sp 86 ~ Gayani Weerasekera, Fa 86 ~ Margaret Leslie White-Britt, Sp 89 ~ Laurie R. Wolf, Sp 85 ~