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Smash Brothers Tournament and Back Pack Collection a Success!

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Students and guests participated in the Smash Brothers Tournament on Saturday, September 17 at the University Honors Program building, Judice-Rickels Hall. Avid Smash Brothers video game fans came to the building to participate in two tournaments, Smash Brothers Melee and Super Smash Brothers 4. A total of over 60 individuals participated, and winners for each tournament received a $50 gift card to Play N Trade. Additionally, the Honors Program collected altogether between the tournament, the bake sale, and the food sold at the event, a total of $520. This money will be donated to the Acadiana CARES homeless program that works to provide assistance to the homeless in the Acadiana area. In the previous weeks, students have been donating back packs to the Acadiana CARES representative, Mr. Taylor Deblieux. He hand delivers these back packs and other supplies personally to the homeless. He responded to the graciousness of Honors students with this reply:

"I can’t thank yall enough for what you’ve already done and continue to do. It means so much to me and especially my clients that folks have shown all of this charity and kindness. As you know, I stopped by and picked up what had been collected so far (which was more than I expected, by the way), and if/when the box is getting full again I’ll be more than happy to come by and re-stock."

Honors students currently are continuing to donate back packs and may do so through October and November. Sleeping bags will likely be the next purchase with the monies collected from the Smash Brothers Tournament and hand delivered to the homeless by Mr. Deblieux. To all those who participated in the tournament and bake sales, we and the homeless of Lafayette and surrounding areas earnestly thank you.

Winners -
Melee: Josh LeBlanc
Smash 4: Jose Silva