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Honors ESMOAS Team Awarded Most Outstanding Delegation

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The Eugene Scassa Mock Organization of American States (ESMOAS) is an organization that has been working in conjunction with the Honors Program at UL Lafayette since 2012. This is an organization that gathers together students interested in the political science of Central and South America. This group gives students an opportunity to conduct a mock version of the Organization of American States (OAS) by gathering together multiple college campuses that participate in ESMOAS. Throughout the year, students study particular subjects that affect Central and South America, and then research and provide strong arguments for instilling a new edict or precedent for the region. Each university becomes the representative body of a particular country. At the annual regional conference where all the universities commune, students participate in presenting their country's views of their subject, working to persuade and inspire their fellow committee members to vote for their proposals. For the 2016 academic year in ESMOAS, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette were the delegates for the country of Mexico.

This year marked the 20th Annual ESMOAS Summit of the Americas in San Marcos, including 18 universities total, U.N.A.M. of Mexico City and U.A.N.L. of Nuevo Leon, Mexico making the farthest journey. Multiple committees met through the campus of Texas State University, San Marcos to deliberate their resolutions, debate statutes and new proposals, as well as voting on new leaders of committees (a listing of committees is provided below). In addition, academic conference panels on Central and South American diplomacy were presented with professors and students as panelists, and a moot court, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, tackled issues faced in the Americas; an example of debate held in the moot court competition focused on the encroachment in indigenous peoples' lands by national governments.

In a proud moment for the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Christine Savoie received recognition for Outstanding Resolution and was voted the best resolution ever presented by a delegate at the collegiate level in the 20 years of the Summit of the Americas. To add to this honor, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette received the top award at the Summit of Most Outstanding Delegation: Mexico. Congratulations to the Honors ESMOAS of UL Lafayette for all of their hard work.

UL Lafayette Honors ESMOAS Members (Team Mexico):

  • Genesis Acosta,
  • Maria Chiriboga,
  • Amalie Desormeaux,
  • Kyle Duplantis,
  • Christine Savoie,
  • Elizabeth Scott

ESMOAS Committees:

  • General Committee (Summit of the Americas),
  • Executive Secretariat for Integral Development (SEDI - OAS Executive Committee),
  • Secretariat for Multidimensional Security (SMS - OAS Exec. Committee),
  • Secretariat for Strengthening Democracy (SSD - OAS Exec. Committee),
  • Secretariat for Administration and Finance (SAF - OAS Budgetary Committee),
  • Student Steering Committee,
  • Faculty Steering Committee


Summit of the Americas:

  • Argentina - Texas A&M Int'l Univ.
  • Belize - St. Mary's Graduate School
  • Bolivia - St. Mary's University
  • Brazil - Baylor University
  • Canada - Angelo State University
  • Chile - Baylor University
  • Colombia - Angelo State University
  • Costa Rica - St. Mary's University
  • Cuba - U.N.A.M. Mexico City
  • Ecuador - Universidad Regiomontana
  • Jamaica - Texas State University
  • Mexico - University of Louisiana at Lafayette
  • Nicaragua - Texas State University
  • Panama - Concordia University, Texas
  • Trinidad & Tobago - Texas State University
  • United States - U.A.N.I. Nuevo Leon
  • Uruguay - Concordia University, Texas
  • Venezuela - Texas A&M Int'l University