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Outstanding Graduates from Honors for Spring 2017!

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The Honors Program is proud to announce that five of the eight outstanding graduates from each college for the Spring 2017 Commencement Ceremony were Honors students. Outstanding Graduates are recognized for their overall achievement in academics, student life, organizational commitment, and leadership. The students are selected by the dean's of their college, and the Alumni Association interviews each to select the overall Outstanding Graduate award. This overall award was announced at the Commencement Ceremony, and our own Honors student Brooke Capritto won for Outstanding Graduate for University of Louisiana at Lafayette Spring 2017 - Congratulations Brooke!  Honors would like to congratulate each of the Honors students who worked so tirelessly to finish at the top of their college, all while maintaining their pledge to the Honors Program for excellence in academics.

Recognized students in the Honors Program:

  • Leah Boudreaux - Outstanding Graduate in College of the Arts
  • Jacob Jude LeBlanc - Outstanding Graduate for the College of Engineering
  • Brooke Capritto - Outstanding Graduate for the College of Nursing and Allied Health; Overall Outstanding Graduate at UL Lafayette
  • Alyssa Bienvenu - Outstanding Graduate for the Ray P. Authement College of Sciences
  • Joshua S. Barnes - Outstanding Graduate for University College

Congratulations to these remarkable students, and to all of our graduates!


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