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New Honors Ambassadors 2018

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Honors Celebrates Five Outstanding Graduates from Fall Class of 2018

Honors would like to congratulate Alissa Netto – UL Lafayette’s 2018 Outstanding Graduate and Outstanding Graduate i

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2018 Fall Scholarship Winners!

Congratulations to these outstanding scholars on receiving one of 42 awards given in Fall 2018!

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T Shirt Competition for Honors 50th Anniversary Winner

We would like to announce and congratulate the winner of the Honors 2018 TShirt Contest.

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The Honors Program is excited to announce that a new program initiative sponsored by the Honors Board has started. It is the "UL Honors Ambassadors." Created and led by members of the Honors Board, this program initiative is meant to provide a structured message to Honors Program alumni as well as an outreach plan to high school students. Ambassadors will take on the role of introducing a personal face of Honors to the businesses, high schools, alumni, and public of Lafayette, Louisiana and the surrounding areas of Acadiana as well as outlying state parishes. To be considered for the position of Honors Ambassador, students had to apply via an online form and selection process, and they had to agree to commit to a year's service with the Ambassadors. With a total number of 39 applicants, and the UL Honors Ambassadors only accepting 8 positions, the Honors Program would like to congratulate the leaders chosen for this important public relations position. Our Ambassadors for Spring 2018 to Fall 2019 are:

  • Bennet Narby
  • BreAnna Smith
  • Courtney Lyles
  • Elijah List
  • Haleigh Bourque
  • Jennifer Tran
  • Taylor Birdsong
  • Zoë Antoine

Co-executives from the Honors Board leading the initiative are: Hanna Ott, Sarah LeBlanc, and Anne-Marie Stelly.

Congratulations to all of our UL Honors Ambassadors!